Desirous Story Program Mission Statement
Desirous exists because of the belief that when women
engage in meaningful activities, build self-knowledge, cultivate
balance, find community, and choose commitment, we are
empowered to write our own life story!

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The Program

The Desirous Story program is life coaching program for women hosted by Alyson Stanton, the CEO of Narasi, based in Concord, New Hampshire.

Program Goals

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After this engaging and empowering 8-week program, you will:

  • Enjoy self-awareness of your own challenges
  • Have a toolbox of resources to overcome those challenges
  • Know which simple health and wellness choices can make a huge difference for your unique situation
  • Be on the path to using your new tools naturally and habitually
  • Find life balance with work, play, growth, and satisfaction
  • Know where to look when you need help
  • Be empowered and in control – instead of being held back!

Program Outline

Week 1: Introductions, explore challenges, identify participant needs
Week 2: Identify goals and meaningful areas of desired change
Week 3: Build self-awareness of situations you can improve
Week 4: Attain life-balance skills and get back the neglected parts of life
Week 5: Get the skinny on health & wellness choices that benefit you
Week 6: Embed new habits and routines into your new, happy life
Week 7: Dig deep and address any challenges that still remain
Week 8: Summarize and strengthen the lessons, schedule 1-on-1 session, and share success stories

Weeks 2-7 include a lesson, group discussion around that lesson, and engaging situations to deepen understanding.

Also, we are now booking guest speakers!

Program Details

The program is delivered in many different forms to meet your needs.  We offer Desirous in person, via phone, by Skype, and in webinars.  We also have both a group and 1-on-1 form of the program.  Contact us today, we can make it work for you!

Desirous Story is currently for women, only, but guys, don’t hesitate to contact us – we have options for you, too!

Meet the Desirous Creatrix

Alyson Stanton earned a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy (OT) from the illustrious program at Colorado State University and is a registered and licensed occupational therapist in Colorado and Wyoming. Her focus and passion in her degree program was empowering everyday people to explore life balance and adapting it into their unique lives. After graduation, she accepted a position as an OT working with adults and older adults and assisted her colleagues in developing a comprehensive program for helping clients to manage symptoms of chronic illnesses.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech in 2010 in Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise. During and after receiving this degree, Alyson began a lifelong journey of studying nutrition, food choices, exercise, and human happiness from all angles – including many subjects that are not taught in a conventional degree program. Since being diagnosed with a chronic illness of her own, Alyson has been on a journey of her own self-study, living each day in ecstatic exploration of what works for her body, armed with rituals and routines that help her to maintain life balance.

I’m Ready to Take Control

The Desirous Story program has limited enrollment and is only available when scheduled. Please use this form to contact Alyson for more info or to join the program. Please note that this program is not an occupational therapy program and does not serve as a replacement for individualized medical care and therapy services.

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