Warning! This program is not for the average person. No, that’s not a sales pitch, that’s serious. Read below to learn why.

In your quest to Be A Diamond, your coach Ken will:

For each 2-month block of the program, Ken will:

  • Spend a full (up to 14 hrs) day with you observing, asking questions, taking notes, and providing in-situ coaching
  • Write a detailed, lengthy evaluation of ways you can improve your efficiency, economy, success, and life balance / enjoyment
  • Meet with you – in person or by phone – for 8 coaching sessions (up to 60 min each)
  • Provide extra access to him between sessions – up to 2 hours per week – to help you in your planning, with your challenges, and to share successes
  • Let you set the schedule for your coaching, within reason, to move as quickly as you’re able
  • Use every bit of his resources, education, experience, and connections to support you


Ken will get you one gift that he believes will be meaningful and motivating to you and your goals (not your average gift-shop trinket, either!)

Stack of Files with Glasses on Top

Be A Diamond is equally directed by client and coach:

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You can choose to focus on:

  • Career
  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Productivity
  • Self-discipline
  • Other topics, big or small

Your coach will always look
to improve your:

  • Time efficiency
  • Return on investment
  • Success & productivity
  • Life balance and enjoyment
  • Resourcefulness
  • And much more

All this, and you still get our 30-day money back guarantee*

* = ask for more details. Some restrictions apply, as you should expect.

So what’s the catch?

  • The program is $2,500/mo. It takes a massive amount of time to administer this program and it includes travel costs, resource costs, and many more costs that your coach will incur.
  • The program is available on a limited basis. Again, it takes a big investment by your coach, and we can’t neglect other clients we’ve already promised quality service.
  • You must be very dedicated and ready for rapid growth.
  • You must also be ok with your coach observing you, being bluntly and completely honest with you (and vice versa), and bringing things to light that you might be uncomfortable with.
  • This program is not “open enrollment.” That is, just because you pay doesn’t mean we will do it. We will need to do a Discovery Session (free) with you first, to ensure there’s a fit.
  • We may recommend a different program for you before this one.
  • You must be ready to join the BEST! This program is about going to the upper echelon of living. Your coach can bring a lot of motivation but you must have significant drive of your own, too!

Looking for more detail on the program? We can’t really give more. It’s intensely personalized and tailored to what your coach sees in his observations. The only way to find out more is to call. If you’re serious, do it now!

Meet your Diamond Coach, Ken Stanton, PhD

Ken earned his doctoral degree from Virginia Tech in 2011 in Engineering Education. He has taught at 6 different colleges and a charter school over 20 years with students from high school through doctoral levels. His most recent work has been with Colorado State University, where he helped create a program for hybrid vehicle engineering, and with Colorado Early Colleges, where he headed the math department for the first two years of operation.

Ken also has nearly 10 years of industry experience as an engineer ranging from household water pumps to defense projects to automotive engine systems. His favorite project was for General Motors back in 2001, where he helped develop a system for large, gas-guzzling V8 engines to shut down to 4 cylinders to improve fuel economy. This system, known as Displacement on Demand, is still used today in GM’s vehicles and has expanded in use with its success.

For more about Ken & Alyson, see our About page.

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It’s Time to Be the Best

You always want the best and never settle. Take advantage of the absolute best life coaching you can: Sign up for Be A Diamond today.

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