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With Ken, your ACT Coach, you will:

  • Meet 1-on-1 to hone your skills personally and privately
  • Clearly identify steps to go from today’s reality to tomorrow’s dream
  • Develop a plan, a backup plan, and multiple layers of safety nets
  • Build and practice unparalleled networking skills, interview techniques, work ethic, and communication methods
  • Find ways to make money, build a career, and save and manage money that you hadn’t before
  • Take each step with confidence knowing you have the right plan to an authentic and enjoyable career

It took me 20 years to find my authentic career path – you don’t have to wait that long! You can get started TODAY. ~ Ken Stanton, PhD

Analyze, Organize, and Act

These are the key ACT Program elements. They’re steps but they can repeat. Also, your situation is unique, and EVERY client will go through this process differently. That’s why ACT is 1-on-1 and why a seminar just won’t do.

Infographic of ACT Program Elements: Analyze, Organize, and Act

About the ACT Program

The ACT Program:

  • Is beneficial for individuals currently in a job, looking to start a career, doing a job search, going entrepreneurial, or unsure of what’s next
  • Always begins with a FREE Discovery Session to get to know each other
  • Always comes with a FREE Coaching Plan
  • Is flexible, allowing you to schedule when to meet each week
  • Gives you access to both coaches – Ken & Alyson – should either have a specific skill you need
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee*
  • Qualifies you for the Loyal Member discount on future services

* = some terms and conditions apply.

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Find your true career and move ahead with confidence.

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Meet the ACT Program Creator, Ken Stanton, PhD

Picture of Ken Stanton, PhD, creator of ACT Program
Ken earned his doctoral degree fromVirginia Tech in 2011 in Engineering Education. He has taught at 6 different colleges and a charter school over 20 years with students from high school through doctoral levels. His most recent work has been with Colorado State University, where he helped create a program for hybrid vehicle engineering, and with Colorado Early Colleges, where he headed the math department for the first two years of operation.

Ken also has nearly 10 years of industry experience as an engineer ranging from household water pumps to defense projects to automotive engine systems. His favorite project was for General Motors back in 2001, where he helped develop a system for large, gas-guzzling V8 engines to shut down to 4 cylinders to improve fuel economy. This system, known as Displacement on Demand, is still used today in GM’s vehicles and has expanded in use with its success.

For more about Ken & Alyson, see About Us.

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