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Want to get out of a rut? Need a perspective change? Wish you could get out of your own way?

No Regrets Coaching Program
With our No Regrets Coaching Program, you’ll overcome mental blocks, take guided, simple steps to success, and build confidence along the way to finding your authentic self.

Visit the No Regrets program page for details. Starting at $247/mo.

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Are you doing what you were meant to do? Could you make money doing what you really love? Is there a way to make a career transition go smoothly?

ACT Coaching Program
(Authentic Career & Transition)
In this one-on-one coaching program, you’ll develop a plan to advance your career, build your network, ace interviews, and nail your work ethic, all while boosting your earning power and refining your financial management skills.

Visit the ACT Program page for details. Starting at $347/mo.

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Do you want the best of everything in life? Do you refuse to settle for “good” or even “great”? Are you ready to take your life to the upper echelon of success and enjoyment?

Be A Diamond Intensive Coaching Program
In this intensive, top-tier coaching program, your coach observes you in person and thoroughly evaluates your life for every possible opportunity for success. This is the most comprehensive and profound program we offer.

Visit the Be A Diamond page for details. Starting at $1947/mo.

Are you ready to take control of your chronic illness? What could your life be if your illness didn’t call the shots? Who could you become if you refused to let your illness be your excuse?

Desirious Story Coaching Program
In this empowering program, you’ll start writing your own desirous story of your life, instead of your chronic illness holding the pen.  Build self-knowledge, cultivate balance, find community, and choose commitment to find personal power and control over your illness.

Desirous Story is a program designed for women, but guys, contact us to find out how we can help you, too!

Visit the Desirous Story page for details. Starting at $222/mo.

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What would I do if I pulled my life together? What could I be if I stopped making excuses? Where could I go with the right people behind me?

Take It To the Next Level Coaching Program
In this action-oriented program, you’ll build goals, make plans, and take actions to elevate your life to its next best level, and learn to sustain it once you’re there. Give your life an upgrade with this program!

Visit the Take It To the Next Level page for details. Starting at $222/mo.

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How can I learn stuff that school never taught me…but should have? Can I get my basic life skills up to par without feeling embarrassed? How can I find people who can teach me LOTS of skills?

Life Skills A-La-Carte Coaching Program
This program lets you focus just on the skills you want, now! With no long-term plan required, you get the skills you need to make everyday living better. Improve your diet, exercise, life balance, relationships, time management – whatever!

Visit the Life Skills A-La-Carte page for details. Starting at $147/mo.

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